New IT Technologies Roundup: October 2012

Devolution Rolls Out Updated Remote Desktop Manager

Canadian company, Devolutions, has released its fourth major update this year for their Remote Desktop Manager that allows IT professions to manage remote connections and virtual machines. For added security, managers can control passwords and credentials from any location. Key improvements include stronger usability, functionality, and performance, client-side caching, and improved import functionality for TeamViewer and Aurora Password Manager. Devolutions also add new languages regularly—the most recent being Chinese. A free 30-day trial of the new Remote Desktop Manager is available here.  Read more about Devolutions and the Remote Desktop Manager upgrade.

The Release of Microsoft 8 Means Major Decisions for IT Professionals

Microsoft’s new operating system, Microsoft 8, means more options for devices in the office. In fact, it may be time to start rethinking desktop computers as a mainstay within companies. Microsoft claims that their new operating system will allow small devices, like tablets and lightweight laptops, to function like traditional desktops. Now, tablets may easily be linked with a wireless keyboard for full functionality. Some companies have found that an increase in portable devices leads to more productivity as Chrissy Klinger reports: “For IT professionals working for companies that are still choosing devices for employees, the amount of flexibility an employee needs on a device is determined by the work they do. Most employees won’t need a device that they can pick up and go with every minute of the day. However, some midsize companies are starting to realize that maybe having mobility options for all employees could lead to more productivity overall.” Increased use of portable devices means IT Professionals will have to monitor and manage brands of technology integrated into the workplace to ensure compatibility across departments and users.

Cloud Computing Changes Role of IT Professional

Cloud computing is on the rise. Business2Community writes “According to CompTIA’s Third Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study, more than eight in 10 companies currently use some form of cloud computing solution, and more than half plan to increase cloud investments by 10 percent or more in 2012. But that cloud popularity also means that businesses are re-examining the functions of their IT staff.” This means that IT Professionals, long under-valued, will serve a more central and critical role in company technology decisions and maintenance. They may provide project management or develop social media strategy. This also means that more company dollars will be spent on IT—giving more responsibility and value to the role of the IT Professional. Read more here.


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