The “iCare Principal” for Best Software Interviewing Practices

As a software / IT recruiter for over 20 years I am amazed that over and over again, I hear from Software Managers, Software Directors and Vice Presidents of Engineering of software companies that there are candidates who come to interviews unprepared. They did not familiarize themselves with the company’s website. They did not try to understand where this company fits in the market. They did not try to research the backgrounds of the people who are part of the interview process line-up. They did not try to understand what some of the issues that this company is facing might be, and why this role is open.  These candidates did not do their homework! Unfortunately, the verdict is always the same.  Most of the time, my client company hiring managers will say they are not interested because of the candidate’s lack of preparation for the interview.  They just did not show enough excitement or interest in the software/IT company or the job opportunity.

The bottom line is that if you are going to invest the time to interview, you should do your homework before you go on that interview. You should be prepared. If you want to be successful, you need to show that you care, and that you are interested and excited about the job opportunity.

I call this the “iCare Principal”.

Recently, I went to hear a panel of speakers for Software Product Managers talk about interviewing best practices.  The panel consisted of several recruiters for the software industry and Human Resource Vice Presidents at several of the leading software companies in Massachusetts. Unanimously, everyone agreed that those candidates, who did their homework for the interview and came in prepared, stood out amongst everyone else and ultimately ended up with the greatest likelihood of getting an offer for the position.

One hiring manager recalled a specific candidate who came to the interview and dazzled him with information about the company, the job opportunity, and really put an effort in to learn about the position she was interviewing for, and why the company had the opening.  This candidate impressed the hiring manager so much that she ended up getting the job offer.

The “iCare Principal ” is about being prepared, knowing about the company that you are interviewing with and putting forth the effort to show that you care about the company and the people you are interviewing with.   The “iCare Principal “really works and goes a long way to helping you to be successful on your interviews.  In an extremely competitive job market, don’t lose out because of something that was within your control! Remember, if you have accepted the invitation to spend 3 hours interviewing at a software company, you have implicitly agreed to invest your time. You may as well be the best that you can be! It is a relatively easy thing to do, and can significantly increase your chances of getting a job offer!

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