Writing an Effective Resume for the Software Industry

Your resume is your calling card. It is a representation of you. A well written resume can make all the difference between getting interviews and not getting interviews.

1)     Keep it simple and be concise. Say what you need to say, however, unnecessarily lengthy resumes will lose the attention of the hiring manager quickly.

2)     A resume should contain a few sentences on what the companies you have working for do, along with a few sentences on what your role(s) have been, and in bullet form, a list of your accomplishments and achievements.

3)     Accomplishments and achievements are what sets you apart from your competition. These are things that but for you, wouldn’t have happened. This is the sales part of your resume. This is a key component for an effective resume. List your accomplishments in order of the significance and relevance.

4)     What’s in it for them? Make sure your resume talks about why a company should hire you. Put yourself in the shoes of the specific company you are applying to.

5)     Send fewer resumes. You are not a fit for 1000 companies. Target opportunities and target resumes to highlight skills you have for the particular job opening you are applying for.

6)     For every position you apply to, you have a short window of “eye time”. Make sure it is clear quickly in the resume that you are a fit for the position you are applying for.

7)     Spend more time on your most recent efforts and less time as you go back in time.

8)     Keep your language standard. Stay away from proprietary language that only someone who works at your company would understand.

9)     Stay away from language that could apply to anyone. We are all quick learners. Keep statements focused on your special, unique attributes that relate to the position you are applying for.

A well written resume will open doors that should be opened, create opportunities, and will help your recruiter present you more effectively to client companies.

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