Do the Demo!

Recently, our candidate, a UX Manager was interviewing with a SaaS Software Company. He was doing everything right. He had gone on 2 full rounds of interviews and was the reviews were glowing into the 3rd and final interview round.

One comment was “Hire him! He is the best candidate we have so far!” This candidate was competing with one other person going in to the final round. Our client, as a SaaS, offered a free demo on their website to demo their product. Unfortunately, our candidate did not do the demo at any point in the process.

When the hiring VP asked did you do the demo? Our candidate said no. It was game over.

The fact that our candidate, who was interviewing for a role that would directly impact the look and feel of the product, did not do the demo sent a number of possible messages. Such messages could be a lack of caring or interest, a lack of effort, or general carelessness. In the end, our candidate would have been a great fit for this position.

Don’t lose out on an opportunity because you did not prepare for the interview.

Do the Demo!

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