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Businesses today are discovering that your brand is no longer what you market to your customer  – it is now what the customer says it is!

The key is to recognize the need for a social media strategy, create one customized to your business, and implement it across your organization. 

What is Social CRM?

All social CRM strategies share the following elements:

  1. Monitoring of conversations in blogs, forums, social media, etc. for mentions of your brand or other related keywords
  2. Analysis of those conversations
  3. Relating this information to existing information within your enterprise
  4. Taking action based on this new information (I.e. creation of a sales lead or customer service ticket, modifying an existing product, or development of a new product).

Key Questions

  1. What do you expect to accomplish with the implementation of a social CRM strategy?  Gain control of your Brand? Focus your Marketing efforts? Improve Customer Service? Increase Quality Leads? Gain New Customers?  All of the above?
  2. Is the culture of your organization open to change?
  3. Can workflow rules be clearly identified so new information is routed to the appropriate person?

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