Hiring tip for software talent: Hurry up and wait doesn’t work!

You are looking for software engineer, software manager or software team lead with a specific skill set. You need this person yesterday. You call your favorite recruiter and it just so happens, he knows someone who is just about to start to look outside. He knows this person would be a great fit for your company. The potential candidate has not yet begun his/her  job search and he/she  is very interested. In fact, he/she has heard great things about your company and is very interested. From a Recruiting 101 perspective. This is as a good as gets. Now your job as the hiring manager is to move as quickly as possible to interview and vet through this candidate. This particular situation happened recently for us. At the time, we were recruiting for a Director of Operations. Our client is a SaaS Software Company. Their platform is built in Java on Linux.  We followed up frequently to make the connection but our client waited 3 weeks before actually beginning the interview process. By that time, this candidate was well on their way to having 2-3 offers and the candidate was no longer interested. Our client company was upset. We were too late. My takeaway is make it happen right away. Even if you already have a candidate in the loop that you are very interested in, remember..anything can happen. If you don’t make it happen right away, by the time you are ready, it may be too late. Windows open and they close and placements don’t happen unless an offer is made and an offer is accepted. That adage works on both sides on the equation.

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