Job Prospects For IT Professionals

Several sources, including the Washington Business Journal, reported in April that IT job growth reached a new high, growing by 15,000 jobs in the month of February alone. Since then, overall job growth has remained steady, but fairly slow in the US. Despite the recent job report indicating a sluggish hiring month in August, there is one message that is clear: there are jobs out there for IT professionals.

One area that has seen significant job growth in 2012 is in manufacturing and this means more jobs for IT professionals. Midsize Insider’s Chrissy Klinger writes “More and more manufacturing companies are looking at ways to combine production and performance management as well as data to create bi-directional communication between plant floors and business enterprise. To do all that, companies need solid software and good IT professionals.”  But Klinger also wonders if IT Professionals are ready for the job growth. “IT professionals have been outsourced to lawyers and doctors, and they may need to be prepared to be outsourced to manufacturers now. IT professionals who do IT work for a variety of companies may need to start attending training to better prepare for working within the manufacturing sector”.

Of course, job seekers should keep their skills current through professional development. Also, they should learn to sell themselves in job interviews. Even with these assets, one reason jobs have become increasingly competitive is due to savvy hiring practices. But job seekers can capitalize on the same recruitment tools used by companies looking to fill positions. By working with a recruitment firm like Techpros, for example, job seekers gain a competitive edge. A recruiter understands the job seeker’s strengths and goals and works to match that individual with the right position—be it as an account executive, software project manager, systems administrator and more. There are jobs out there for IT professionals and a recruiting firm like Techpros can help secure them.

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