Quality Assurance Manager

Quality assurance engineers monitor and implement software test environments for corporations. Techpros places job seekers at a variety of quality assurance jobs in the greater Boston area. Senior quality assurance engineers are in high demand for many local companies, and lots of jobs are available. Companies are looking for quality assurance engineers proficient in a variety of programming languages, including but not limited to: C++Ruby on RailsJavascriptPerlHtmlPhpCobol, and Flash. Click under “Latest Openings” to see recent quality assurance engineer jobs that are available.

Companies looking for quality assurance engineers or managers often require that applicants have a four year college degree in computer science or a related field. However, as it is tremendously important that candidates are able to jump into a new environment and implement QA test strategies, experience is essential as well. Depending upon the position, companies may ask for candidates with several years of experience working on the databases and software in question.

Techpros primarily places candidates at companies in the greater Boston area. The software industry, despite the recent recession, is still strong in the Boston area, as evidenced by the litany of positions that are available. Many of these job openings are for QA managers or senior QA engineers. Take a look at the jobs available under latest openings to find a job through Techpros that is tailored to your experience and skills.

Below is a chart that shows some of the opportunities available for quality assurance job candidates, depending upon their experience and education, with approximate levels of compensation at many companies supplied as well. Of course, these figures vary from company to company; this is simply intended to serve as a rough benchmark for what skilled quality assurance engineers can achieve in the current job market.


Job Title Education Experience Compensation
Entry Level QA Manager 4-year Degree in Relevant Field 0 years $50,000-$70,000
QA Engineer 4-year Degree in Relevant Field 3+ years $70,000-$90,000
Senior QA Engineer 4-year Degree in Relevant Field 5-8+ years $80,000-$100,000


Techpros places software professionals at all levels of experience and at all different points in the career path, from recent college graduates eager to get their start in the tech industry, to seasoned veterans looking for a new job or a better job. Contact us today, and let our personalized approach find the perfect job for you in the software industry.