Release Engineer

Release engineers assemble computer code into more finished software projects. Techpros places job seekers at a variety of release engineer jobs in the greater Boston area. Senior release engineers are in high demand for many local companies, and lots of jobs are available. Companies are looking for release engineers proficient in a variety of programming languages, including but not limited to:C++Ruby on RailsJavascriptPerlHtmlPhpCobol, and Flash. Click under “Latest Openings” to see recent release engineer jobs that are available.

Release engineers occupy a unique and integral role in compiling and assembling code. For this reason, release engineers are needed by companies doing work in a wide variety of different fields. As they possess essential skills, release engineer jobs are in many ways “recession-proof,” and many companies in the Boston area are currently looking for strong release engineer candidates to help them move forward. The table below gives a rough sense of the pay scale that release engineers can expect at tech companies in the Boston area, depending upon their levels of education and experience. Of course, specific figures will vary from job to job.

Job Title Education Experience Pay Scale
Entry Level Release Engineer  BS in Comp Sci  0 years  $60,000-$85,000
Release Engineer  BS in Comp Sci  2-10 years  $80,000-$110,000
Senior Release Engineer  BS in Comp Sci  10+ years  $110,000+

Techpros helps to place release engineers at all levels of education and experience. From recent college grads to software industry veterans, Techpros will help you find the job that is right for you using our personalized approach. Need help putting the finishing touches on your resume or deciding where to go next with your career? We also put job seekers in contact with qualified specialists such as resume writers and career coaches to help you become the best candidate you can be to potential employers.

To learn more about the job market for release engineers, and to hear an experienced software recruiter’s thoughts on everything related to the Boston tech industry, be sure to check out Mark Goodstein’s Blog.