Software Project Manager

Software project managers perform a variety of tasks aimed at overseeing a company’s product life cycle. Techpros places job seekers at a variety of software project manager jobs in the greater Boston area. Senior software project managers are in high demand for many local companies, and lots of jobs are available. Companies are looking for software project managers proficient in a variety of programming languages, including but not limited to: C++Ruby on RailsJavascriptPerlHtmlPhpCobol, and Flash. Click under “Latest Openings” to see recent software project manager jobs that are available.

Most companies are looking for candidates with a bachelors degree in either computer science or engineering, and for more senior positions, an advanced degree in the field is typically preferred. Techpros places project manager candidates at jobs throughout the Boston area, as well as a handful of jobs elsewhere in Massachusetts and throughout the East Coast.

Want to get a sense of the different job prospects for software project managers as they grow and gain experience in the software industry? The below table provides some rough guidelines as to the different types of project managers that firms are looking for. Techpros helps to place candidates at all experience levels to help them find jobs that fully utilize their skill set and pay them appropriately. Of course, the below information varies from job to job, but it provides a rough estimate of what software project managers can expect.


Job Title Education Experience Pay Scale
Entry Level Software Project Manager  BS in Comp Sci or Engineering  0 years  $60,000-$80,000
Software Project Manager  BS in Comp Sci or Engineering  3-5 years  $80,000-  $100,000
Senior Software Project Manager  Advanced degree in Comp Sci or  Engineering  5-10+  years  $100,000-  $140,000


For more information about the current job market, and to hear Techpros expert Mark Goodstein’s take on a variety of subjects in the software industry, check out Mark’s Blog.