Systems Administrator

Systems administrators are hired to oversee and monitor computer systems or networks. Techpros places job seekers at a variety of systems administrator jobs in the greater Boston area. Senior systems administrators are in high demand for many local companies, and lots of jobs are available. Companies are looking for systems administrators proficient in a variety of programming languages, including but not limited to: C++Ruby on RailsJavascriptPerlHtmlPhpCobol, and Flash. Click under “Job Search” to see recent systems administrator jobs that are available.

Most companies desire systems administrators with a college degree in computer science or a related field, and plenty of hands-on experience working as a systems engineer. Strong written and verbal communication skills are also valuable. Below is a table that provides a rough estimate of how systems administrators can expect to be compensated, based upon their levels of education and experience, although it must be noted of course that these figures can vary considerably from job to job.


Job Title Education Experience Compensation
Entry Level Systems Administrator  BS in Comp Sci  0 years  $60,000-$80,000
Systems Administrator  BS in Comp Sci  2-5 years  $80,000-$110,000
Senior Systems Administrator  BS/MS in Comp Sci  5-10+ years  $100,000-$140,000

At this time, Techpros recruits primarily in the greater Boston area. As most companies are seeking on-site employees, most job candidates should be located near Boston, although Techpros does recruit for some jobs that are available in other parts of Massachusetts. Techpros recruits systems administrators who are at all different points in their career trajectories: from recent college grads excited to get started, to seasoned veterans eager to apply their experience and wisdom at a new, better job.

Click on “Search All Jobs” to the left to see recent openings for systems administrators. If you’re interested in learning more about the software job market, there is no better authority to turn to than Mark Goodstein, founder of Techpros. His blog can be found here, and is a valuable read for both job seekers and those who are happily employed in the software industry.