Success Stories

Success Stories

Here’s What Satisfied Job Seekers Who Have Been Successfully Placed by Techpros Have to Say:

“I’ve met many recruiters and Mark certainly stands out as one of the best. Not just because he’s placed me into great opportunities, but because he took his time to get to know me and my goals. He offered professional, excellent and honest advice, (even if I was not ready for it) that has stood me in good stead.”

“I have worked with Mark and Techpros for almost twenty years as a hiring manager and a job seeker. Mark is smart, honest and highly professional in his recruiting practices… As a job seeker he has only presented opportunities that were very close to my targets and only after we have spoken has he contacted the employer on my behalf. I hope Mark stays in this business as long as I do. I need him!”

“In my recent job search, I found Techpros, and Mark Goodstein, to be extremely proactive on my behalf, not to mention easy to work with. Mark’s team of equally talented recruiters went to work immediately locating jobs that met my criteria. My time was not wasted with opportunities I wasn’t interested in. In just a few months, Mark and his team presented several opportunities to me, and ultimately an opportunity that I was thrilled to accept. Thanks, Techpros!”

“Mark and his Techpros team have helped me transition from a well-established Blue chip mobile company to a start-up that’s on track to becoming another Blue chip company. Mark’s efforts to inform me of the details, good or bad, helped make the decision to change an easy one.”