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How do you reach your customers?

Let’s face it. The old ways don’t work as well as they once did…
24 of the top 25 Newspapers are experiencing record declines in circulation.

Newspaper ad revenue fell from $37.8 billion dollars in 2008 to $27.5 billion in 2009. A staggering drop of 27% in one year.
At one time you could reach 80% of the market with a 30 second television ad on NBC, CBS and ABC. There are now over 200 channels. On top of that 90% of people skip ads using TiVo or DVR.

The Internet has changed everything!  Have you adapted to the way people find businesses today?

The number of Internet users increased 14% in just the last year.
There are 800 million Facebook users worldwide. 250 million new users just in 2010!
2 Billion videos are watched every day on Youtube!
There are over 200,000,000 blogs.
It’s not surprising that the 2010 online holiday shopping season was the biggest ever – 12% higher than 2009!
We help businesses take advantage of this explosive growth in all phases of online marketing.

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