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Great article on interviewing tips: 9 Signs you didn’t land the job.. by Amanda Augustine..

As a recruiter, having sent many software developers, managers, and vice presidents on interviews with backgrounds in java, .net, ruby, javascript, nosql, aws etc, it’s always about the competition. How many other candidates are interviewing for the same position? How do you compete?  At Techpros, we prepare every candidate we send on an interview beforehand […]

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Software industry counter offers.. then and now!

In the olden days of recruiting, back in the 80’s and 90’s. Software Recruiters believed that accepting a counter offer would likely lead to disastrous results. Tales of companies firing candidates months after they accepted a counter offer were rampant. In those days,  if a software engineer with C++, linux kernel or windows  gave notice, the company […]

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Great article!.. “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions: 10 Tips for Doing it Right”

At Techpros, we feel that feedback is critical. For the software engineers, managers, directors and VP’s that we represent, when we send someone on an interview, we think it’s critial to have as much feedback as possible, both positive and negative, especially if the interview didn’t go as well as we all had hoped. Also, […]

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