Here’s what satisfied hiring managers are saying about Mark Goodstein, founder and President of Techpros:

“Mark is without question the best technical recruiter I have ever worked with. Mark takes a sincere personal interest in the people he works with, is thorough and takes real pride in what he does. Above all, Mark is honest to the core. He brings a real sense of integrity to an industry that is sometimes lacking in that regard.”

“Mark is a consummate professional when it comes to technical recruiting. His pragmatic and honest approach through the entire recruiting process makes working with him a win-win proposition for both sides. He is one of the best I have ever worked with.”

“I have worked with Mark and Techpros for almost twenty years as a hiring manager and a job seeker. Mark is smart, honest and highly professional in his recruiting practices. In my role as a hiring manager Mark has never sent more than two or three resumes that were very close or right on target. As a job seeker he has only presented opportunities that were very close to my targets and only after we have spoken has he contacted the employer on my behalf. I hope Mark stays in this business as long as I do. I need him!”

“Mark is without a doubt the best high-tech recruiter I have ever worked with. He takes the time to get to know his clients, their skills, and their needs. I have been a client of Mark’s off and on for several years and I always know I can count on him for professional results every time.”

“I have been working with Mark since 1995 and have always been impressed with his sincere interest in me as a candidate and now as an employer. Mark consistently brings qualified candidates to my attention and is able to work with urgency when required. I have never felt pressured in any way by Mark to either accept a position or hire a candidate and this is why I recommend working with him.”

“Techpros has been instrumental in building my organization. Mark does an excellent job of understanding job descriptions and work culture, so the candidates I meet are a much better fit than the ones from other sources. Not only have I had success hiring through Techpros, but they placed me in the role as well.”

“Mark is an excellent recruiter with a continuous flow of assignments. He is definitely worth speaking with, especially if you need technical people to hire; software developers, engineers, programmers and the people who manage the technical folks: VP or Director of Software Engineering.”

“Mark understands our business and I have only seen ‘A’ Players from him.”

“I have worked with Mark for over 16 years both as a job seeker and provider. What I really like about Mark’s approach is that he takes the time to know what makes you excited about a particular job. Mark is interested in establishing a long-term lasting relationship with his customers. Mark is on top of things and he is responsive in getting back to his clients as soon as he has additional information. Mark is the first person that I would seek when I have employment needs.”

Here’s what people are saying about Shari G. Munro, Vice President of Techpros:

“Shari is an excellent recruiter who has the remarkable ability to pinpoint a candidate’s intangible strengths and weaknesses and effectively communicate them to hiring managers. She looks beyond the resume and is thorough in reference checking all candidates; consistently delivering high quality prospects. Shari treats her relationships with candidates and hiring managers as a partnership, not a one time sale that she walks away from when the deal is done. Her passion in this role is what separates her from many other recruiters.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Shari fundamentally understands how to work with and provide for her clients. She listens to the customer’s needs and provides for those needs. She manages all critical, foundational bits often found lacking in her profession.”
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity