Working with multiple Recruiters?

So you’re engaged in an active job search.  It’s a hot job market and you are interviewing with several companies.  You could be a software engineer, QA engineer, manager, director or VP with Java, Ruby, C++, PHP or Asp.NET experience.  You’re working with several of your favorite recruiters and have a number of interviews in play.   You should know where your resume is going.   It’s very important that you act as the manager of your job search.

If you’re represented by a recruiter for a position at one company, and another recruiter calls with the same opportunity, make sure you let the second recruiter know that you’re already being represented.  The basic rule is that it doesn’t benefit you, or anyone else involved, for your resume to be presented to the same company more than once.  Also, it’s a misconception that more is better.  It’s problematic for companies to receive resumes from multiple sources.

A good recruiter should have a strong relationship with the company they are representing.   They should be able to present you and get feedback as to whether there is interest or not.  Sometimes getting that feedback may take up to 1-2 weeks depending on timing, vacations and offsite board meetings, so having some patience here will be your best course of action.

Also, be courteous in your job search.  As we have all learned in life, what goes around, comes around!  If you commit to going on an interview, remember that the company has invested time and effort to schedule your interview.  If decide that you are not interested, or are going to accept an offer from another company, make sure you give plenty of notice before the scheduled meeting.   Calling 15 minutes before you were supposed to show up just isn’t good interview etiquette and will hamper your reputation with that company in the future.   Remember, you never know who you will be interfacing with again down the road.   Hiring Managers change jobs and move too, and someone whom you should have treated better, might just end up at that company you really want to work for one day!!

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